Liveliness: The liveliness trait measures the extent to which someone is spontaneous, attention-seeking, lively, and enthusiastic. The two values are:

Serious: someone who is a thinker, analyzer, evaluator; always playing things over and over in their own mind before they act. Anticipate with problems even in the worst situations. 

Descriptors: restrained, introspective, silent

Enthusiastic: someone who has an interest in the things that they do and getting pleasure from them. An individual who has an active and motivated attitude. 

Descriptors: lively, animated, spontaneous, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky, cheerful, expressive, impulsive

 The interview questions listed below can draw revealing answers and get you on your way to finding whether employees are serious or enthusiastic. These interview questions assess the degree of liveliness in a candidate.

Top 2 questions and expected answers (*there is no right or wrong answer, the answer you are seeking is based on what best fits the role and your company culture):

1. Why do you think this job would be different/better than your current job?

How will this question help you: the goal of this question is to understand the degree of seriousness or enthusiasm of the person you are interviewing. You are seeking to evaluate the extent of motivation (enthusiasm) they have for this role vs. their previous role. For example, the person will provide an example of how this job differs from the previous one. With the description they provide, you will be able to understand how expressive or restrained their explanation may be. 

2. Tell me about a time in your current or previous work where you were intensely motivated? 

How this question will help you: this question will allow you to understand what drives the candidate. From the description provided by the candidate, you will be able to understand what motivates them and the degree to how they perceive motivation. Each person has a different level of expressing their motivation. 

Question pool:

3. If we offer you the job, how long do you think you’ll stay here?
4. What things in life do you do where you lose track of time?
5. Why have you chosen this industry to work in?
6. What research have you done on (company name)?
7. Would you say that developing and using a detailed procedure was always necessary for your job?
8. How do you compare and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision?

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