Lever: Set Up, Integration, and Use

Integrating Bryq and Lever, setting up jobs and assessments, sending assessments and viewing results.

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Lever is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that integrates with Bryq, so employers can easily assess candidates during the hiring process. Below, you will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the most out of our integration!

Setting up the integration

To begin Bryq’s integration, follow the steps below. You will need access to Lever's integration settings for this setup to work.

  1. Go to your Bryq account and under your initials, select Integrations.

2. Under Integrations, click on Lever, and then Authorize Bryq. This will take you to your Lever account.

3. Click Accept to give Bryq access to your account.

4. A new box titled Lever Integration will pop up. The first drop-down list will say Trigger Stage. This is the stage in which the Bryq assessment is automatically sent to candidates through Lever.

💡 We suggest using a Custom Stage with name Bryq, so they are invited to take the assessment at the beginning of the hiring process right after the application is submitted.

5. The next drop-down list is the Completion Stage, or when Lever should move candidates who complete the assessment to the next step. If you do not wish to automatically move candidates to the next step, leave this field blank.

How to add pipeline stages in Lever

  1. Navigate to Settings > Pipeline and archive reasons > Pipeline stages. Here you will see a preview of the active sections of our pipeline, as well as the list of active and deactivated pipeline stages in your Lever environment.

Pipeline and archive reasons settings page.

2. Click the Customize pipeline stages button to open the stage editor. Each stage in your pipeline will be represented by a tile, organized by section. Each tile will show a tally of the number of active opportunities currently associated with that stage in your pipeline.

3. Click Add stage in the upper-right corner of the editor.

Arrow pointing to Add Stage button to the upper-right of the stage editor.

4. Type of the name of the stage you wish to add i.e. Bryq.

5. When the stage has been set up as desired, click the Add stage button to proceed.

Once you have created the stage, you can move it by hovering over the left side of the tile (until two lines of dots appear) and then clicking and dragging it to the desired location. Place Bryq right after the New Applicant stage.


Next, the pop-up will ask you to generate the Webhook signing token from Lever.

  1. To do this, go to your Lever settings page, and click on Integrations and API on the side menu.

2. Once there, click on Webhooks and scroll down to "Generate Token". Copy the signature token. Note: if you have generated a Webhook signing token more than once, the button will say "Regenerate Token". Follow the same steps.

3. After the Signing token is copied, go back and paste it in the Webhook Signing Token field on the Bryq app.

4. Click Save on the pop-up box.

5. Lastly, copy the Webhook URL in the last field. Go back to Lever Integrations > Candidate Stage Change, and make sure to hit the toggle🚨. Paste the link below and hit enter. Click Verify connection.

Linking Assessments to Lever

Now that Lever and Bryq are fully integrated, we have to link your created Bryq assessments to your open positions in Lever.

Before we begin, make sure you have added an open job role in Lever, and separately, created an assessment for that role in Bryq.

  1. Go to Bryq> Acquisition > Assessments. Click on the specific assessment you want to link and click edit assessment. Or create New Assessment.

2. The Job title and department should be pre-filled in case you click Edit, but you need to select the Lever Job drop-down list. In case you click New Assessment both fields will be empty, thus, you should first select the Lever job you want to use this assessment for.

💡 You may use our search field to search for the Lever job you want to link with the Bryq assessment.

3. The job description from Lever will appear in the JD box, then click Predict Profile.

4. Once the profile is filled, click Save.

Using Lever to send and view Bryq assessments

  1. Once you have an open role, add existing or new candidates to that position in Lever. Choose the Lever job they are applying for. Make sure they have reached the Stage "Bryq" in the drop-down menu, or whatever stage you used as a Trigger Stage. They will now automatically receive an invitation to complete the Bryq assessment.

2. Candidates will now show up under the Bryq assessment. Once the candidate completes the assessment, their results will be added to Lever.

💡 Bryq also uses the Lever Score value (integer values between 1 and 4) to provide recommendations about the job-person fit as follows:

1 - Strong No (double thumbs down) ➡️ 1 - Poor Fit

2 - No (single thumb down) ➡️ 2,3 - Below Average Fit

3 - Yes (single thumb up) ➡️ 4,5 - Average Fit and 6,7 - Good Fit

4 - Strong Yes (double thumbs up) ➡️8,9 - Great Fit and 10 - Exceptional Fit

3. When accessing a Job listing from Lever a list of candidates is displayed. If a candidate has completed the Bryq assessment both the Bryq score and Bryq fit score will be shown in that table.

4. Upon tapping a particular candidate, a link to the candidate's anonymized results will appear in their Lever profile. By clicking on Notes, you will get a quick overview of the candidate results and links to the more detailed report on Bryq.

5. From there, you can use Lever to move forward with candidates to other screening stages.

Now, Bryq and Lever are fully integrated and you will be able to select role-specific assessments, send them to candidates, review results and move candidates along in the hiring process!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at support@bryq.com.

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