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How Bryq assesses Resilience in talents

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At Bryq we have spent a significant amount of time examining what makes people successful at work in order to help our customers predict success in an equitable and unbiased process. A crucial component of a talent in order to flourish within today’s demanding and fast-paced workplace environment is being able to cope, bounce back and even thrive when faced with roadblocks.

Employee’s resilience is a key capability enabling employees to manage and adapt to continually changing circumstances

According to research, resilience refers to a person’s resources, abilities and skills that enable them to adapt to stressful situations and adversity, and to overcome demanding situations. In essence resilience is the ability to bounce back after facing challenges and the various stressors of the environment.

The more resilient workers a company employs, the more likely they are to become a resilient organization, overcome challenges and come out stronger than before

Resilient individuals are able to exhibit a mature, optimistic and cooperative mindset in the face of difficulties. They are better able to recognize the cost and benefits of a situation after investing the time, energy and resources necessary to find the optimal solution. Moreover, considering the rapidly changing work environment, being able to better adapt to change and promote positive adaptation and change in the workplace is crucial in order to enhance optimal organizational functioning and employee’s well-being.

What does the Resilience Indicator look like?

The Resilience Indicator will be presented on your account like you see on the image below and you will be able to assess whether a candidate exhibits the Resilience scores needed for success.

Remember that there is no need for the candidates to undertake any additional assessment in order for you to have access to the Resilience Indicator.

Click here for instructions on how to add Indicators to your assessments.

Of course, in case you need any further information or guidance we are always happy to help! :)

Indicative Roles: Telephone operator/Call center agent, Manager, First-line supervisor, Retail sales worker, Nurse

Resilience Interview Questions: A few interview questions that will be helpful for you during your interview.

  1. Describe a time you coped well with work pressure. What steps have you followed?

  2. Describe a time where you had to recover from failure. How did you deal with it?

  3. How would you react to negative feedback from your manager? What would you do with that feedback?

  4. Describe a time you got really stressed out at work. How did you deal with it?

  5. How would you react if you were given a task that you had limited knowledge of?

  6. Describe your biggest work failure. How did you recover and what did you learn from this experience?


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