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SAP SuccessFactors: Setup, Integration, and Use
SAP SuccessFactors: Setup, Integration, and Use

Integrating Bryq and SAP SuccessFactors, setting up jobs and assessments, inviting candidates and viewing candidate results.

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Important note:

Please verify the following prerequisites when it comes to a integrating with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: 

- You have access to Provisioning.


As a customer, you don't have access to Provisioning. To complete tasks in Provisioning, contact your implementation partner. If you're no longer working with an implementation partner, contact SAP SuccessFactors Product Support.

Add Bryq as a Vendor

1. Log in to SuccessFactors PROVISIONING.

2. Select your company from the list.

3. Click on Company Settings.

4. Scroll down to the Recruiting section and ensure that Enable Assessment Integration (requires Candidate Workbench) is checked.

5. Click Save at the top. You will be asked to confirm your Company ID.

6. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors.

7. Navigate to the Admin Center.

8. Search for Manage Assessment Vendors.

9. Select Export and click Submit

10. Open the XLS.file with a text editor.

11. Add the following line, then save the file.


12. Go back to Manage Assessment Vendors.

13. Select Import, choose the file from earlier, then click Submit.

14. Go back to SuccessFactors PROVISIONING

15. Find the Manage Recruiting area and select Import/Export Assessment Vendor Packages

16. Select Export and click Submit.

17. Open the file with a text editor.

18. Add the following line, then save the file.

"BRYQ","BRYQ","BRYQ","","Bryq Assessment","","","","","Bryq Assessment","","Bryq Assessment","","","","","","Bryq Assessment","","","","","",""

19. Select Import, choose the file from earlier, then click Submit

API set up in Bryq

1. Enter your SuccessFactors API URL. You can use this link to help you identify the correct URL.

2. Now, enter your SuccessFactors company ID. You can use your SuccessFactors login URL to identify your company ID. For example, if your login URL is

3. Finally, enter your SuccessFactors company username. This is usually included in your SuccessFactors welcome email under the โ€œCompany User Nameโ€ section.

OAuth Credentials

  1. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors

  2. Navigate to the Admin Center

  3. Search for Manage OAuth2 Client Applications

4. Click on Register Client Application

5. Enter Bryq under Application Name

6. Enter under Application URL

7. Check the Bind to Users checkbox

8. Enter sfadmin under User IDs

9. Copy the value below and enter it in the X.509 Certificate field

10. Click Register

11. Click View next to the application that should now be listed

12. Copy the API Key

13. And paste it into the API key field as seen below:

Event Notification Subscription

1. Log in to SAP SuccessFactors

2. Search for Event Notification Subscription

3. Click on the Subscriber tab and then the button Add Subscriber

In that step, you should add BRYQ as a Subscriber. Enter BRYQ (capital only letters) in the following fields: Subscriber, Name, Client id. Once done so click Save.

4. Then, click on the External Event tab

5. Click Add New

6. Select rcm_assessment_alert_v2 under Event Type

7. Select BRYQ under Subscriber

8. Select SOAP_OVER_HTTP_HTTPS under Protocol

9. Select BASIC under Authentication

10. Copy and paste the remaining values as displayed below:

11. Click on Activate.

๐ŸŽ† There you have it! You are now fully integrated with SuccessFactors! Now you are all set, and you can start linking Bryq assessments to your SuccessFactors Job Requisitions.

๐Ÿ“Œ You now have two options available:

Option A. Bryq automatically creates the Assessment with the default settings once a requisition linked to Bryq is approved.

Option B. Manually create & Link a Bryq assessment to a SuccessFactors Job Requisition.

Option A: Automated creation of the Assessment in Bryq

Recognizing the value of your time and the significance of a seamless user experience in your daily tasks, we have further refined the SAP SF integration. Now, assessments can be automatically created without the need for users to log in to Bryq and perform additional steps.

Your preference for this streamlined option is important to us, and we want to emphasize that proper setup in Tool is crucial for maximizing the benefits of this process.

After establishing the integration between SAP SF & Tool, take a moment to ensure the correct configuration of assessment default settings.

Navigate to Profile > Assessment Settings and, under Assessment Defaults, set the standard values for assessments.

The default values will be the ones used when an assessment is automatically created. Namely:

  1. The assessment kind (Express for Frontline and Hourly Workers, Standards for Office Positions or Personality Only).

  2. The assessment language - typically refers to the business language used.

  3. Assessment validity days - indicates when the assessment invitation is considered expired.

  4. Monitor assessment - proctoring.

  5. Indicators - which competencies are important for you to review.

Once you make sure that the Assessment Defaults are the correct ones then go back to SuccessFactors and enable the event notification for this event. First search for Event Subscription Management and then select the event Update of Job Requisition.

Click Add and in the form add the following details:


  1. Name: RequisitionUpdateSubscription

  2. Authentication Type: Basic

  3. Username: The generated User from Bryq (Under Integrations > SAP SF > Expand to view details)

  4. Password: The generated Password from Bryq (Under Integrations > SAP SF > Expand to view details)

  5. Event type is populated by SAP SF.

Click Save. A notification pops up explaining that the Subscription event has been saved.

๐Ÿ’ก Under the Execution Manager dashboard > Pre-delivered Integrations there is a monitor log of each time SAP SF tries to ping Bryq for the related event subcription notification.

And you are all set. Next time you approve a Job Requisition in SuccessFactors that has linked Bryq as an assessment vendor, our system automatically creates the assessment in Bryq with the following name convention: Job ID - External Job Title - Location. The Department is shown in the Department column.

The profile is generated based on the Job Description parsed by SAP SF. In case no description available the role profile will allocate the weights equally for Cognitive but for Personality no trait will be selected.

Finally, the default Assessment Settings (kind, language, validity, indicators) will apply for the automatic creation of the assessment in Bryq.

๐Ÿ“ŒPlease note that a job in Bryq is automatically created only when you create and approve a Requisition in SuccessFactors, not when you update an existing one.

Create & Link a Job Requisition to a Bryq assessment

  1. Login to SAP SuccessFactors

  2. Navigate to Recruiting

  3. Tap on Create New

4. Select, a job template:

5. Then choose, for example, the option Standard Job Requisition and enter the required job details click on Next.

6. Navigate to the "Assessment association" section and click on Add more assessments.

7. Select for Status the option "New Application", for Vendor "BRYQ" and for Assessment "Bryq Assessment".

8. Optionally, you may include in the Email Template the link to the BRYQ Assessment. Nevertheless, the candidate will receive the Bryq assessment invitation in a separate email.

9. Once all fields are completed click on Submit Approval and the Job is now open.

Option B: Manually create & link a Bryq assessment to a SuccessFactors Job Requisition

Final step is the creation and link of the Bryq assessment to a specific Job in SuccessFactors.

  1. Login to Bryq

  1. Click on New Job; click the button Connect with SuccessFactors.

2. A pop-up with the available Requisitions in SAP Success Factors appears.

The ones that are already linked cannot be selected. Once you select the relevant job from the SAP SuccessFactors Job Requisition, the fields: Job title, Department and Job Description are automatically filled out in the Create Job page.

4. Once, you are done with setting up the job in Bryq click on Save Job.

๐Ÿ“Œ Getting a 404 error message? Try this for troubleshooting:

a. Make sure the SuccessFactors requisition is linked to a Bryq job so that the assessment can be triggered. Read more here.

b. You have extra security settings on your demo instance and it cannot access external resources. Please make sure that the following IP addresses and are whitelisted:

Apply to a job and view assessment results

Assuming that a candidate view the Job Requisition and applied. For example:

After completion and submission of the application the user receives a Bryq invitation to take the assessment for the relevant position. As follows:

Once the candidate completes the assessment, you can view the overall score in SAP SuccessFactors under Recruiting > Select a Job Requisition and click on Candidates.

The Assessment Status for candidates that have completed the assessment is set to "Completed".

Now, select a candidate to view the assessment results.

Under the Assessments section, you will be able to view the Bryq overall score, Cognitive and Personality score. Additional information displayed is:

  • Duration

  • Completion date

  • Initiation date

๐Ÿ“Œ Trouble in viewing results even though the candidate has completed the assessment in Bryq? Make sure that the correct permissions are assigned to the user which is being used to update/insert the application via API call. Read more here.

For a more detailed view of the candidate's results click on View detailed results and you will be redirected to an anonymized link through which the candidate's results are shown. Optionally, you may want to view the detailed candidate results in Bryq by clicking on View full results on Bryq link.

๐Ÿ“Œ Bryq also sends the candidate results as a PDF attachment. By default, Bryq is sending the attachment to the field `attachment1` which is usually called "Additional Documents" in the default SF templates:

* NXGEN Candidate Detail Info Template

* NXGEN Candidate Detail Info Template NEW

* NXGEN Candidate Detail Info Template - Quick Apply

If you want to customize where the PDF report is sent, you should give us the name of an Attachment field on JobApplication, for example, `attachment1` which is our default.

If you have questions, please reach out to us via the chat feature or send an email to

Happy hiring!

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