Bryq offers a Dashboard that enables its users to visualize specific metrics at a glance. Its main purpose is to provide Bryq users with an overview of key assessment metrics that will allow them to measure the performance of their hiring objectives. The Dashboard is by default available to HR Administrator role.

The "At a glance" section is shown at the top of the screen and includes important KPIs such as:

  • Current active assessments

  • Invitations sent this week vs. last week

  • Completed invitations this week vs. last week

  • Hours saved as per the selected time interval reflecting the estimated hours you saved by using Bryq as pre-screening tool. Wanna read more? 👀

  • Hours saved from lifetime, equally to the above .Wanna read more? 👀

Under the Acquisition section you will find another informative combo graph which is called Invitations & Completion Rate, which gives Bryq users an overview of the completion rate in percentages over the default period of last month compared to the number of invitations sent.

💡 A very interesting feature is the option to drill-down to date & time which appears simply by clicking on the bar to get a more detailed view on the relevant KPIs.

Next comes the Trending Jobs chart, where the 5 most popular jobs based on the number of invitations sent are presented for the last month with a re-direction option to the relevant assessment upon tapping on the label.

💡 Another interesting functionality is the ability to click on an assessment from the chart and be re-directed to the actual page of it.

The final section of the Dashboard is called Diversity and outlines the following data:

  • Gender (by default selected)

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Disability

The data refer to the default last month filter.

The respective data points per diversity category are shown in a table format, and show the progression from regional to hired candidate data. This allows the Bryq user to compare each diversity data set with North America in order to see how their company performs overall when it comes to shortlisted and eventually hired candidates.

You can use the Diversity Groups Parameter filter to switch among the different Diversity categories.

Note: The Diversity section is available for companies with US-based candidates.

Filtering the dashboard graphs

At the right side of the Dashboard there is an expandable filter section available that you can use to filter your graphs.

The following table represents which filters apply to which graphs and their default values:


Default value

Applicable to

Date Range

last 30 days

  • Hours saved

  • Acquisition section

  • Diversity section

Diversity Groups Parameter


  • Diversity section



  • Diversity section > Gender



  • Diversity section > Race



  • Diversity section > Age



  • Diversity section > Disability

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