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Invite employees to take Bryq assessment
Invite employees to take Bryq assessment

Steps that you should follow to invite employees to take on Bryq assessment

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Two main prerequisites we need from you before start using our Talent Insights suite.

  1. Employee data minimum required data:

  • Employee's first & last name

  • Employee's corporate email

  • Employee role

  • Employee department

  • Performance

💡We advise you to share any field/parameter that makes sense to you in terms of how you segment your team internally. The fields will be available to filter by when creating your segments.

2. Invite your imported employees to take on the assessment. You can invite:

  1. Invite a segment

  2. Invite individually

  3. Invite a group of employees based on the status

Let's go through each step.

Invite a segment

  1. Access the Segment List via the menu My Company.

You may select to invite the Segment by clicking the icon Send Invitation from the table or the actions available after accessing the Segment's dedicated page. The following pop-up appears.

2. Here you may select the assessment language and kind you want your group of employees to take.

💡 It is advisable to select the language which is mostly used in the business environment.

3. Finally, you may tweak the invitation template, if needed.

4. Once ready, click on Send.

The system sends an email invitation to the selected segment and once they start completing the assessment you will be able to view the completion funnel in the dedicated Segment page right below the Segment name.

📌 When scrolling down the Segment page you will find the Members of the Segments and the assessment date on which they completed it.

Invite an employee

Alternatively, you may want to invite only one employee so you can head directly to the My Employees list view and select Send an invitation to an individual only.

The invitation process remains the same as described above.

Invite a group of employees based on the status

Alternatively, you might need to quickly send an assessment invitation to specific employees as per the following statuses:

  • Pending invitation ➡️ can be considered a reminder

  • Not invited ➡️can be considered as a quick filter to quickly invite your employees

  • over 6 months ➡️ can be considered as a re-assessment opportunity along with a new performance cycle.

Simply access the My Employees list and filter by Status. The Send all button is activated.

Click Send all.

Similar to the individual view the Invitation pop-up appears and you need to select the assessment language & kind. Optionally, you may need to amend the email template. Once you are ready you may click Send.

📌 The difference between segment invitation and group invitation per status is that the system will always send an invitation when you filter by status. When inviting through segments then the system will send an invitation to segment members who have not yet been invited.

📌 In case you have pre-defined values in the fields Role & Department when creating your schema then they will be added as extra filters in the My Employees view allowing you to use them as a quick filter to send an invitation.


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