SmartCV: Setup, Integration, and Use

Integrating Bryq and SmartCV, creating jobs, inviting candidates to assessments and viewing candidate reports.

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SmartCV is a smart, efficient ATS & Video Interviews software for reliable recruitment, whatever your business.

By integrating with Bryq, customers will be able to send the Bryq assessment to their candidates and easily decide which candidates move forward in the process.

Setting up the integration

  1. Go to your Bryq app and click on Integrations.

  2. Scroll down until you find the SmartCV logo and click on Create API key button.

3. On the spot a key will be generated and the toggle is now activated. Click on the Copy icon.

4. Go to your SmartCV account and head to the Manage Integrations menu.

5. Bryq will be shown in the list with Status Inactive.

6. Click on Activate. A pop up Activate Bryq will appear; paste the API key from Bryq and click on Integrate.

7. Now the integration is all set. The Status is changed to Active.

Sending a Bryq assessment to an applicant

Select a job and then an applicant. You can then decide to send the Bryq assessment by clicking at the relevant Sent Bryq Assessment button from the list of actions.

Then you should select from the list of active assessments the one that matches your job description and your have already created in Bryq. (Read more on how to create assessments).

Click Send. The invitation is successfully sent by Bryq.

Viewing the results in SmartCV

Once a candidate has completed the assessment you can access SmartCV and view the anonymized candidate results link powered by Bryq right under the Activity Section.

Viewing the results in Bryq

Similarly, you can access Bryq to view candidate results for this assessment and use our comparison features to filter candidates as per their match score.

There you have it! You are now fully integrated with SmartCV!

If you have questions, please reach out to us via the chat feature or send an email to

Happy hiring!


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