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Learn how to invite your employees to take the Bryq assessment in bulk and individually

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Now that you have all your Employees parsed into Bryq (HOW TO), you can invite them to take the Bryq assessment. There are two possible ways of doing so.

a. Create a segment and invite its members

Access the tab My Segments and then create your segments as per your internal grouping parameters (see here).

Then click on the Send invitation icon either directly from the Actions in the table or after selecting a segment from the actions toolbar on the top right-hand side.

At this stage, the Employees Invitation pop-up appears showcasing the number of Invitees i.e. members belonging to the selected segment.

Select the assessment language of the assessment, we always recommend choosing the business language used in your working environment. As a second step, select the desired assessment kind (learn more on what each kind is about). We recommend choosing the standard assessment for a more thorough understanding of your employees.

The final step is the optional amendment of the email template that will be sent to your employees.

💡 The template text will be adjusted to the selected language.

Then, click Send. At this point, your Employees received the assessment invitation in their email inboxes.

You can see the Members of your Segment and the status of the invitation in the Members tab.

📌 If you reinvite the segment then the system will send the invitation to the members who are not yet invited only. Invitation via segment should be used to prevent sending and receiving unwanted emails.

b. via My Employees view

In case you want to send a reminder to specific employees who have not yet completed the assessment you can do so via the My Employees view under the My Company menu.

You can either use the Send invitation icon to send the invitation at an individual level i.e. to a specific employee.

💡You may use the search field to locate the respective employee.

Or you may wish to filter by Status by selecting one of the following options:

  • Pending ➡️ invitation sent but assessment not yet completed

  • Not invited ➡️ these entries have not yet been invited to any assessment

  • >6 months old ➡️ these entries have a completed assessment with results of over 6 months ago, thus, you may need to re-send the assessment to re-evaluate your employees

and then select the option to Send all in bulk.

In both cases the Employee Invitation pop-up will appear and - as described above - you should select the Language and the Assessment Kind you want your employee to be assessed on.

After clicking Send, the Assessment Date column will be updated as follows:

Previous status

New Status

Pending entries



Not invited entries

are updated to


Entries with Assessment Completion Date


with the latest Assessment Completion Date

📌 In case you have defined your list of roles & departments in your schema (learn more here) you will be able to filter by these two filters and send a bulk assessment invitation.

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