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How does Bryq Team Insights Report differ from DiSC?
How does Bryq Team Insights Report differ from DiSC?

This article will elaborate on how the Team Insights feature powered by Bryq differs from the DiSC Team View Report.

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DiSC- General Information

The DiSC assessment is a personality assessment tool that allows organizations to understand an individual’s personality type better. An individual is presumed to belong to a specific personality type based on their particular location (or dot) on a circumplex of four distinct dimensions. These dimensions include Dominance (D), Influencer (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). A candidate’s personality type may stem from a combination of up to two dimensions mentioned above, generating eight different scales.

DiSC provides feedback about a candidate’s particular style depending on the section that the dot falls upon. Other factors may include the dot’s distance from the circle's center and the candidate’s individual priorities.

While the DiSC assessment has its uses, the product's creators suggest that it was not created as a hiring or pre-employment tool; therefore, it does not serve as one. In essence, the DiSC assessment is not valid for hiring as it cannot accurately determine one’s fit in a specific job role.

DiSC and Teams

One of the reasons why the DiSC assessment should not be used for hiring is that it does not provide the necessary level of depth to help employers make informed hiring and team decisions. The DiSC Team View Report shows the style and dot placement for each member of a group of individuals the user chooses to view. Other than the individual DiSC scores displayed for a selected group of people, there is no analysis of the group makeup nor information on how each type relates to others. As the DiSC product asserts, the team view of the individual patterns is not available in the technical reports that could provide more information on the validation or theoretical background behind the team report.

While facilitators might find the DiSC Team View Report helpful in recognizing the prominent personality type of the group's individuals, they shouldn’t use DiSC to make certain decisions. For example, facilitators shouldn’t use DiSC to consider a team’s unique compilation, assess their strengths and weaknesses, contribute to the team orientation, or learn how the interaction between team members leads to effectiveness.

Team Insights Benefits

The Team Insights report powered by Bryq is based on a widely used theoretical framework of team roles validated by research. Based on research findings on the personality determinants of the different team roles and by leveraging established connections with well-documented personality questionnaires, we can draw objective conclusions about the specific team archetypes found in your team.

The Team Insights report provides a detailed view of the Bryq archetypes in your team, along with their strengths and potential weaknesses, helping you understand how team members are likely to behave, contribute and interrelate with others. Also, you may find information on the archetype's contribution to the team’s orientation (thought, action, people) which will allow you to make informed decisions on what the team is lacking to create an optimal balance and subsequently increase your team’s effectiveness.

Further information about the Team Insights Report can be found here.

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