To change assessment defaults, click on your photo or your initials on the top right of your browser window and select Company Settings.

Under the Assessment Defaults you can find the following settings:

Assessment validity period

Define how much time candidates have to complete the assessment, from the day of the invitation.
While the assessment is short, it can still be challenging for candidates to find the time and peace of mind to complete it. Setting a validity period of 7 days ensures that candidates will have at least one weekend at their disposal.
Candidates always receive an email the day of the invitation and a reminder one day before the invitation expires. If the validity period is 5 days or longer, another reminder will be sent to them in the middle of the validity period.

Extended assessments

You can define your default preferred type of assessment to be standard or extended. You can still change this individually for each assessment.

Monitor assessments

Bryq features a built-in on-line proctoring feature using the candidates webcam.

When enabled, candidates will be asked for their permission to use their webcam during the assessment.
If they allow it, Bryq will record small 10-second snippets every 5-10 minutes during the assessment, with audio. These snippets will be stored and are available in the candidates results, under Proctoring video.
If they do not allow it, no video will be recorded and the Proctoring video button will be grayed out.

If you want to disable the on-line proctoring feature, you can do so. If disabled, the text about using their webcam will not be displayed and permission will not be requested.

We advise customers to use the online proctoring feature. Cheating is still widely popular and especially rampant in online assessments. This feature both dissuades candidates from cheating and, if you choose to interview the candidate later, provides you with a quick check that the person that took the assessment is actually the person you are talking to.

If you disable the online proctoring, or candidates disallow the use of their webcam, you may want to consider confirming the validity of their assessment results with a repeat of the same assessment in person (maybe now in the extended version if you used the standard one), a secondary assessment or targeted interviewing questions.

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