The standard assessment has a nominal duration of 20' and includes 30 cognitive questions, whereas the extended assessment has a nominal duration of 45' and includes 55 cognitive questions. Both assessments include the same 64 personality questions.

The main difference is in the accuracy and resolution. The extended version has almost twice as many questions and offers both better accuracy and better resolution.

So which assessment should you use?

Standard edition - default for most positions
Use this when: cognitive skills are not particularly important for a position, or when specific skills will be tested via another assessment or in person, later in the interview process.
This is e.g. a good choice for software development roles that are complemented with a programming test or for many roles (such as customer care agent) where personality outweighs cognitive skills.

Extended edition
Use this when cognitive skills are quite important and there will be no additional assessment.
This is e.g. a good choice for a product manager, where all cognitive skills are important contributors to job performance.

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