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Which assessment type is best for me?
Which assessment type is best for me?

Tips on selecting the proper assessment for your hiring goals

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At Bryq, we know one size does not fit all, so why should a talent assessment? While streamlining our assessment, we've retained the essential characteristics crucial for performance in a wide range of roles.

The Bryq assessment hones in on three key aspects: cognitive ability (overall mental capacity), personality traits, and work-related competencies. Grounded in research on optimal predictors of future job performance, the assessment aims to identify and evaluate behaviors desirable in various job settings.

The assessment includes:

β†’ 20 cognitive ability questions that tap into specific cognitive aptitudes namely: Logical reasoning, Numerical reasoning, Verbal reasoning, and Attention to detail.

β†’ 48 personality questions derived from well-documented scientific frameworks like the 16 Personality Factors, the OCEAN (Big 5 Model of Personality), and the Holland Occupational theory.

β†’ In case the Personality assessment is chosen 48 personality questions are presented.

The power is now in your hands to choose the scenario that best suits your objectives.

So which assessment type should you use?

Hourly and frontline workers scenario

The scenario targets frontline positions in hourly work settings. Candidates interact with a chat-bot representing members of Local Goods, a popular supermarket chain. Each member presents a task aligning with the unique demands of the retail environment, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of candidates' suitability.

πŸ’‘ Good choice for hourly positions, such as cashiers, retail associates, shipping and warehouse, and hospitality workers.

Office positions scenario

This scenario is designed for the majority of office positions. Candidates engage in a chat-bot conversation with fictional members of Idalto Global, an entertainment company. This simulation mirrors day-to-day discussions with colleagues in an office environment, providing a nuanced understanding of candidates' capabilities.

πŸ’‘ Works for any role, especially typical white-collar roles (accountants, developers, marketeers, etc.).

Bryq empowers users to select the assessment scenario that best aligns with their needs and the specific nature of the job role of interest. Whether in an office or retail setting, Bryq offers a tailored approach to talent assessment, revolutionizing the way organizations identify the right candidates for the right roles. Of course, you can brand the scenarios, or even customize them to match your specific environment.

Personality Assessment

Use this when personality traits are the only things that matter for the job. Personality questions gauge candidates on work style, teamwork, social skills, and overall personality.

πŸ’‘ Excellent choice for complex and strategic roles such as executives, engineers, and other technical positions where personality is crucial.

πŸ“Œ Cognitive & Extended assessments are deprecated and available only to customers who were using them already.

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