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How to create the right profile for each role, including how to use Bryq's AI Profile Prediction feature

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When defining the Job Profile, providing the right input for a new role is essential in order to find the best candidates.

This article discusses how to create the initial profile, and how to further optimize it based on your unique needs.

Creating the initial profile

Bryq provides two easy ways for you to create a new Job Profile based on our AI Profile Predictor and Role Optimization.

Option A. Using the AI prediction

Many times a job title is used as a blanket term and can mean many different things. For example, the term "Program Manager" can actually mean a Project Manager, a Marketing Person, a Business Development person, or something completely different.

For this reason, Bryq has developed the Profile Predictor feature, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Before training our system, we analyzed tens of thousands of Job Descriptions and the cognitive weights and personality traits associated with them.

For any new assessment you create, you need to provide the Job Title and Department. As you type a Job Title, Bryq will suggest common Job Titles found in our database. Once you select the desired Job Title the associated job description will be populated into the Job Description text box - if necessary you may alter the text as you wish as per your needs.

πŸ“Œ The association of role titles with Job Descriptions tackles the uncertainty of how a database role title is used and means. This enhancement significantly elevates performance prediction from good to better as it optimally filters the descriptions to better capture the crucial characteristics that determine individual future success.

Alternatively, if while typing none of the recommended jobs match your criteria enter the Job title and department of your custom job description. Then, all you need to do is paste your Job Description in the corresponding text box. The text can include all the information usually contained in a JD.

Once you are done, click on the Generate Profile Button.

The Profile Predictor will analyze the JD information you provided. A short animation will play while the analysis is ongoing. After a few seconds, Bryq will propose a profile tailored to the specific information in your JD.


Option B. Using your optimized Role Profiles

The initial proposal provided by our system will be very close to what you need, but it is customized based on the JD only. Take into account, for example, a Software Developer for a startup is not the same person that would thrive in a multinational bank. They are both Software Developers, but there are quite different personality traits that suit each environment best. Another example can be found within the organization where large and complex sales teams might have a different audience to accommodate, different business approaches, and eventually different requirements leading effectively to very unique role characteristics.

This is the reason why Bryq has created Role Validation, through which you can achieve the best performance prediction as the profile is now generated on solid data from your employees. The important aspect of this feature is the ability to select a very targeted role profile from objective employee data, thus, benefiting the organization from a better quality of hires. Read more here.

In case you have performed a role optimization exercise and you happen to recruit for that role then you have the option to click on the tab Role Profiles and select from a drop-down list that optimized role profile. These role profile templates are saved during the role optimization process which takes place in the Talent Insights module. When ready click Use this template and then the system will populate the unique profile generated from your own employees.

πŸ“Œ Please note that this option is not available in case Talent Insights are not enabled. Please reach out to for more info.

Aligning with Hiring Managers

Reviewing the final Job Profile with the Hiring Manager for the role is always a highly recommended practice.

This is an important step because it helps the HM visualize the requirements for the role. We understand that exceptional cases may arise, where certain cognitive attributes and/or personality traits suggested by the system carry varying levels of importance for the specific profile. While it is not the best practice, the system allows for the flexibility to edit the generated profile by adding, removing, or modifying cognitive skills and personality traits according to individual needs and preferences.

By obtaining the Hiring Managers' sign-off on the Job Profile, they become well-prepared for the candidates they will be receiving. This streamlines the subsequent interview and hiring process, as they can confidently assess candidates who have been objectively selected based on the job's custom requirements.

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