Bryq's candidate comparison feature makes it easy to get a side-by-side comparison of selected candidates. You can select up to three candidates to compare and see how they measure against one another in specific areas of the assessment, such as cognitive and personality.

Where and how can I activate the comparison feature?

In the assessment tab, you have the list of assessments. When clicking on a specific assessment you get the list of all the candidates that have taken the assessment.

Under quick actions, you will see a symbol with two overlapping circles.

When clicking on the symbol the candidate will appear at the bottom of your screen. You follow the same step to add up to two other candidates in the comparison view.

This is what the view looks like at the bottom of your screen:

When you are finished selecting candidates, just click on the Compare button.

What are the benefits of the comparison view?

You get to view how the candidates compare to one another in cognitive skills.

You also get an overview of how they compare in personality as well.

If you click on a candidate's icon, this will highlight the selected candidate and dim the other ones, allowing you to better see how the specific candidate ranks.

When you are considering candidates who score similarly, this feature will help you understand where they are different, so that you can make the best hiring decision for your organization.

You can print this view (to paper or to a PDF file) and share it with others in your company, like your hiring managers.

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