Breezy: Setup, Integration, and Use

Integrating Bryq and Breezy, setting up jobs and assessments, sending assessments, and viewing results

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Through this integration, you can send Bryq assessment tests to candidates via Breezy and receive the results on the candidate's timeline in Breezy.

This guide includes additional instructions on how to setup stage actions in Breezy, allowing you to automatically invite candidates to a Bryq assessment, and move them to the next stage once results are received - saving you a ton of time (and mouse clicking). This works great for high-volume recruiting scenarios.

Connecting your Account

To connect your Bryq account to Breezy, you'll access the Integrations section via your System Settings ⚙ located on the sidebar.

Scroll down to Assessments and select the settings next to 'Bryq'

Inside the settings, you'll be asked to provide your API credentials.

Go to your company settings in Bryq. Under Integrations click the Breezy icon; a window with your API key will pop-up.

Please copy this key and paste it into the corresponding Breezy field (see image below).

Once added you'll click Save Changes and you're ready to start sending assessments.

Sending Assessments

You can trigger an assessment by clicking the drop-down icon next to the email in the top right of a candidate profile, or from their Assessments tab.

Automate Assessments with Stage Actions

Performing assessments at scale is something that has never been easier with enabling a Stage Actions on your assessment.

When editing your position pipeline, you can add in a stage action to automatically send your assessment when a candidate enters a stage and put them in a different stage once the assessment is completed.

👍Status Updates

As the candidate moves through the process of completing an assessment, we'll keep you up to date with status update notifications via email and in the conversation/email stream on your Candidate profile.

Reviewing Assessments

Once the candidate has been sent an assessment, you'll be able to monitor this from inside the Assessment section of what assessment has been sent, if it has been completed, and the completed assessment.

Clicking "View Full Report" will take you to the corresponding candidate report within Bryq.

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