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How to talk about Bryq in Job Postings
How to talk about Bryq in Job Postings

Bryq Templates - Job Postings / Job Descriptions

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The candidate experience is defined by every stage of the recruiting process - attracting, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

A positive candidate experience is when a job seeker feels their time has been respected and an organization provided transparency during the process - hired or not. Start building the right expectations from the beginning of the recruitment process, beginning in the job application stage. This is the first step towards providing a positive candidate experience.

When creating your job description, keep in mind the following:

  • Manage to keep the must-haves to the point

  • Include wording that defines the interviewing process - outlining the Bryq assessment

  • Create inclusive job descriptions

The following outline is a good starting point for creating the must-haves in your job description:

  • Company Overview

  • Job brief

  • Responsibilities

  • Requirements

  • Interview Process

  • Equal employment opportunity (EEO) statement

A positive candidate experience involves the right level of communication and transparency of your recruitment process. The initial step of your process is to send the Bryq assessment. An example of what the content would look like to help you with communicating that stage would be:

[Company Name] is an equal opportunity employer; we take pride in fostering an Inclusive environment that attracts Diverse talent. We value fairness and ask all candidates to complete an online assessment (Bryq - more info on the assessment here) which enables us to screen candidates only on what matters for the role. The assessment can be completed online and requires around 20 minutes. To ensure that we have an equitable process, we will not proceed with applications that haven't completed the assessment stage.

The content used in your job description may reflect biases in your company. Tips for overcoming unconscious bias in job descriptions:

  • Avoid Gender-Biased Language

  • Don’t be excessive regarding job requirements

  • Define performance based on results rather than work hours

  • Show your company’s DNA (mission and values)

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