Depending on the role you are hiring for, it can be extremely important to carry traits that relate to the fields of Sales and Customer Service. For example, employers who are looking to hire an employee or representative to sell goods or services should be friendly and knowledgeable about the business, which will drive sales.

While looking to hire an employee who will be working closely with customers, itโ€™s essential to look at how the employee interacts with customers, including whether they are courteous and approachable, and can retain customers. Below, we have outlined how Bryq measures Sales and Customer Service abilities through our assessment. Candidates who score highly in this area would match well with a Sales and Customer Service role.

Do note that like all personality questions, this will cover most of the common scenarios, but there will always be exceptions that confirm the rule.

The Sales and Customer Service indicator is calculated from traits including:

  • Reasoning

  • Dominance

  • Social Boldness

  • Liveliness

  • Apprehension

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Indicative Roles: Customer service representative, Retail salesperson, Sales representative, Sales manager, Telephone operator/Call center agent

If you want to see if Indicators are available for your plan, check out the Feature Availability article.

Sales and Customer Service Interview Questions: A few interview questions that will be helpful for you during your interview.

  1. Describe your approach when handling customer objections.

  2. Describe how you would handle a difficult and disappointed customer. How would you resolve the situation?

  3. How would you describe excellent customer service?

  4. How would you describe a successful salesperson?

  5. Provide an example of a time you had to explain something unpleasant or complex to a frustrated customer. How would you handle this situation?

  6. How would you react to negative feedback from a customer? What would you do with that feedback?


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