Now, more than ever, employees are working full or part-time out of their own homes, with the traditional office space becoming less common. Considering this new normal, Bryq decided to analyze what makes an employee a productive remote worker. As an office building has a completely different dynamic than a home office, it's important to gauge whether your employees can excel in a non-office environment.

Traits and skills including communication, organization, time-management, adaptability, and flexibility are highly important for a remote worker. Bryq has added an Indicator on Remote Working, so you can get a clear and concise explanation of your candidate's remote working capabilities before you hire them.

Remote Working is calculated from the following profile:

  • Communication

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Teamworking

  • Self-efficacy

  • Adaptability

  • Decision-making

Click here for instructions on how to add Indicators to your assessments.

If you want to see if Indicators are available for your plan, check out the Feature Availability article.

Remote Working Interview Questions: A few interview questions that will be helpful for you during your interview.

  1. How would you describe an excellent remote worker? What are the key skills?

  2. Describe how you would avoid miscommunication in a remote/distributed team.

  3. Describe how you would maintain effective communication and collaboration with a remote/distributed team.

  4. How would you handle a situation where there’s a problem with a project and your team is offline?

  5. Describe how you would manage a difficult conversation with a colleague. What medium would you use? (email, slack message, video call)

  6. Describe how you would keep yourself motivated, organized, and engaged in a distributed company.

  7. Have you ever worked remotely? If yes, describe the biggest challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

  8. Describe what challenges you think you’ll face working remotely. How will you deal with them?

  9. Describe how you would schedule and prioritize your work.

  10. Describe how you would handle a situation where you have internet connection problems during an important meeting.


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