TeamTailor: Setup, Integration & Use

Integrating Bryq and TeamTailor, setting up jobs and assessments, sending assessments and viewing results.

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TeamTailor is a recruitment and employer branding ATS that allows customers to create career sites and job postings, build candidate relations and streamline the hiring process while staying organized as a team. Below, you will find easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the most out of our integration!

Setting up the integration

To begin Bryq’s integration, follow the steps below. You will need access to TeamTailor's integration settings for this setup to work.

  1. Go to your TeamTailor account settings and click on Marketplace.

2. Under Partners / Assessment you will find Bryq.

3. Click on the Activate button on the top right.

4. Copy the Bryq API Key TeamTailor has generated and click Finish Installation.

5. Go to your Bryq app and click on Integrations.

6. Click on the TeamTailor logo, paste your Bryq API key, and hit Activate.

Using TeamTailor to send and View Bryq assessments

Now that Bryq and TeamTailor are fully integrated, there are two ways to start inviting candidates to take the Bryq assessment. Before you begin inviting candidates, make sure you have already created one or more assessments in Bryq.

  1. The first way to send candidates the assessment is through a job posting that you have already created on TeamTailor. To start, go to your TeamTailor account and click on Jobs.

2. Select the job you are sending out Bryq invitations for. Once there, click on Triggers and select the step in which you want the trigger to activate. We suggest Reviewing. Select Send webhook.

3. Using the drop-down menu, select the assessment you want to send to every candidate in this job workflow. Check "Move candidate when complete". Change the minimum score if you'd like, and then choose the stage you want your candidate to be moved to once they meet the requirements. Click Add Trigger.

4. Now, whenever a new candidate is added to your workflow for that job, they will automatically be sent the Bryq assessment, and their results will automatically populate in their information section.

5. Another way to send the assessment to a candidate is by inviting the specific candidate without also adding the assessment to a workflow. To do this, go to your Candidates. Click on the one you want to invite.

6. In the upper right corner, click on the ellipses (...) then Integrations.

7. Select Send Webhook, then use the drop-down menu to pick which assessment you want to send the candidate. Hit Send Webhook again. The candidate has now been invited to that specific assessment.

Viewing candidate results

  1. No matter which way you invite the candidates to take the assessment, the results will always populate in the same place. Right after the candidate is invited, their profile will say Bryq and sent or pending.

2. Once the candidate completes the assessment, their results will go to TeamTailor. You will receive a summary of the candidate's match for your job.

3. If you click the link, you will be taken to a full candidate report on Bryq.

Now, Bryq and TeamTailor are fully integrated and you will be able to select role-specific assessments, send them to candidates, review results and move candidates along in the hiring process!

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