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The Standard Assessment: Overview
The Standard Assessment: Overview

Everything you need to know about Bryq's Standard Assessment

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The Standard assessment is Bryq's default assessment for most positions, and is best used for open positions where the importance of personality traits slightly outweighs cognitive ability.

The Standard assessment has a nominal duration of 20 minutes and includes 30 cognitive questions and 64 personality questions. This assessment is best used for open roles when specific skills will be tested via another assessment or in person, later in the interview process. Some examples include marketing managers, software developers, and customer care associates.

During this 20 minute, interactive chat-bot assessment, candidates will be taken through a day of work at Idalto Ltd., an events company. Candidates will help various department heads, including the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Director, Productions, Chief Financial Officer, complete a variety of tasks in areas such as design, finance, business, logistics, and more. There is also a hefty mix of personality-based questions included as well.

The Standard assessment provides the most useful candidate results for associate-level (and above) jobs, including (but not limited to): Project Manager, Marketing Manager, Software Developers, and Customer Care Associates.

If you are interested in learning more about the Standard assessment, please reach out to our Customer Success team at


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