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How Bryq saves you time during the recruitment process
How Bryq saves you time during the recruitment process

This article describes how you save time while recruiting with Bryq

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Did you know that on average you will get about 1000 views and around 200-250 applications for every 1 job you post online? This alone creates a giant burden on hiring managers. It also allows bias to slip into the hiring process. When taking into account that a recruiter will spend about 2 minutes screening each resume sent to them, in addition to any additional material within an application, we realize that doing this would take a full day’s work with no interruptions, focused solely on pre-screening potential candidates.

Additionally, once a recruiter has a list of shortlisted candidates, even more time is needed to screen talent. On average, we would be looking at the following timetable spent per recruitment stage:

Resume screening

2 minutes

Candidate review

10 minutes

Phone interview

22.5 minutes

Skill assessment

30 minutes

In-person interviews
(2 rounds per candidate)

120 minutes

This breakdown of time gives us a total of 34 hours dedicated to a single hire. To make your recruitment funnel more efficient in terms of both time saved and quality of hires, you should look for a better screening technique, like Bryq. By applying Bryq into your hiring process, your goal will be to decrease the number of candidates who pass through each stage simply because it allows a more effective and agnostic screening of candidates based on specific job-related criteria.

It all boils down to numbers at Bryq. In the example above, imagine that your screening applicants time will be about 80% less saving your interview team a lot of time and effort. Let's have a look at this example for 250 applicants:

# Talents without Bryq

# Talents with Bryq

Resume screening



Candidate review



Phone interview



Skill assessment



In person interview (2 rounds per candidate)






From the above table, we can easily see how essential the implementation of a system like Bryq is to the hiring process. Bryq offers a reliable and accurate pre-screening method allowing a significantly lower yield ratio only for the first step of the process (number of applicants - resume screening).

It's also worth mentioning that the more yield ratios per stage decrease over time, the more efficient your process becomes.

💡In the example above, Bryq will ultimately save you up to 14 minutes per candidate. This translates into saving 60 hours in assessing these 250 applicants, speeding up your process by almost a week and a half.

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