iCIMS: Setup, Integration, and Use

Integrating Bryq and iCIMS, linking assessments with jobs, sending assessments, and viewing results.

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iCIMS offers one of the most advanced integrations with Bryq, allowing for a seamless candidate experience. This article explains how to set it up.

Initial Setup

Being a mutual customer of Bryq and iCIMS, you should first purchase a connector from your iCIMS Account Manager. Then, an Integration Project Case will be opened to have the validated integration implemented onto your iCIMS' Talent Cloud platform.

As per iCIMS documentation & processes "each client project is estimated at 8-10 weeks upfront and can decrease to approx. 6 weeks, once there have been successful implementations."

According to the iCIMS methodology process, the following stages apply in order to consider a customer integration as valid:

Linking Assessments with Jobs & Taking Bryq assessments

Every time you create an assessment in Bryq, this gets automatically populated in the partner portal. Click here for more information on how to create assessments in Bryq.

There are two possible ways for a candidate to go through the Bryq assessment for a Job application.

Option a. Seamless transition to Bryq application upon successful application via the iCIMS portal (in-line application):

  1. Login to your iCIMS Applicant Tracking interface and select Create > Job. Fill out the fields as instructed in this article.

  2. Focus on the SCREENING section, where you can select an assessment type i.e. Bryq assessment to link to the particular Job.

3. Once you are ready, save the Job. Now the selected Bryq Assessment is associated with that Job. This can be verified in the Details section of the Job.

Now when candidates apply for this Job they will be transparently redirected to the associated Bryq assessment. Let's have a closer look at this flow.

Once a candidate is logged in to the iCIMS Career Portal, he/she can search for & view new job opportunities.

💡Please make sure you have posted your job in the Jobs portal by accessing the tab Postings from the job page.

Let's assume that our candidate selected the aforementioned Job.

The candidate has to go through each step of the application process by filling out his/her personal data;

Answering the Candidate Questions;

Then, the Job Specific Questions;

As the last step, you should click on Go to external page to complete application... link to take the Bryq Assessment. At this stage, the candidate is re-directed to the Assessment instructions page and can initiate the assessment directly from there.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, the candidate is shown this message and can click Continue Application.

Then, the candidate is back in iCIMS Career Portal and is notified about the successful submission of the application.

📌 For in-line applications via iCIMS Career Portal, candidates should bear in mind that the session time out is set at 30 min. In that case, upon redirection from Bryq to iCIMS the user will need to login to complete the application.

Option b. When the candidate is manually moved to HR Review: Send to Bryq. In that case, Bryq sends an email to the candidate inviting him/her to take the assessment associated with the job.

Let's have a closer look. Select a job that is linked to a Bryq Assessment.

Select one or more candidates you want to advance to the stage HR Review: Send to Bryq. Once doing so the candidates will receive an assessment invitation email from Bryq to complete the assessment.

Once the assessment is completed, Bryq informs iCIMS and a successful application submission email is sent to the candidate.

Moreover, the candidate status will be now changed to Send to Bryq.

⚠️In case a job in iCIMS has multiple Bryq Assessments attached to it then the most recently added assessment entry will be applicable to the candidate.

⚠️In case the candidate is advanced to Send to Bryq stage but the job is not linked to a Bryq Assessment then a notification comes up explaining that an assessment should be first linked to the job before advancing the candidate.

View Bryq Assessment Results in iCIMS

Once the candidate completes the assessment, Bryq informs iCIMS about the candidate's results. You can view the results by selecting a candidate, then navigating to the Tab Additional Info. From this view, click the option Screen (1) on the left and then the item Assessments (2) from the available options.

You will be redirected to the Assessment Results with the following information:

  • Assessment Status: Completed / Pending / Incomplete

  • Assessment Score: Bryq Match Score

  • Assessment Result: Match fit (good, above average, etc.)

  • Assessment Date: Assessment Completion Date

  • Assessment URL: redirecting you in Bryq to the dedicated candidate results page

  • Assessment Name: Name of the Assessment

Finally, if you decide to click on the Bryq link you will be redirected you to Bryq's full results report. You can use this report to better understand the candidate's suitability for the role and prepare for any in-person interviews.

Moreover, By clicking Assessments and selecting the Assessment you created for the role, you will be able to see all the candidates ranked by score.

📌 A very important feature that allows you to sort by the Bryq Assessment Results in iCIMS is the ability to search by jobs as per the following filter conditions:

  1. Search Template: DF: Bryq App Complete


  2. Output Template: Assessment Results on job

then click Search and on your right-hand side, you will be able to view all Assessment metadata allowing you to sort by Score or Results and get a better overview of the potential match per candidate.

🎉Now you are all set! If you have questions, please reach out to us via the chat feature or send an email to support@bryq.com.

Happy hiring!

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