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๐Ÿ“Œ Enabling the Bryq Assessment Integration in UKG Pro requires the submission of the "Assessment/WOTC Provider Registration Questionnaire" in order to register the Assessment in the customer's account.

๐Ÿ’ก To facilitate our customers Bryq provides them with a pre-filled questionnaire. Then, customers should open a support case to UKG attaching this form and requesting to register the integration. UKG will create a unique Integration ID and will provide the customer with a client ID and secret that will be used to authenticate the integration.

Once the Integration is enabled, Recruiters may start using Bryq in their recruiting process in UKG.

Getting started: Create a role in Bryq

In Bryq, the recruiter creates an assessment for a role i.e. Accountant.

The Recruiter saves the Assessment for that role and copies the Assessment ID from the URL.


As a first step, the Recruiter/HR Admin should verify that the Bryq integration is enabled in UKG Pro Recruiting.

To validate this go to Recruiting > Settings > Integrations.

Expand the Assessments menu item.

Verify that Bryq is enabled.

Click on Bryq.

On that page, you will be able to view the Assessment Details i.e.:

  1. Display Name

  2. Description

  3. Saved Packages

Click on the Add Package button.

The Add Package pop up form will appear.

In the Code field paste the Assessment Id from Bryq.

In the Name it is recommended (but not mandatory) to insert the Role, the assessment is intended to.

Optionally you might need to add a Description.

Enable the package so as to be available for selection when opportunities are created.

Click Add.

The package is available in the list of active packages.

Note: In case you want to deactivate an assessment package you can click on the Actions icon and click Deactivate. Then the Package will appear in the Inactive tab.

Once you are done adding the package(s) donโ€™t forget to click Save at the bottom of the Assessment details page to verify that the changes have been saved.

Next step is linking the Assessment Package with an Opportunity.

Go to Opportunities and click Create.

Select a Job i.e. Accountant.

Perform edits to the Opportunity Information at will and then Proceed to the Screening section.

Select Bryq from the Assessment Drop down.

Select the newly created package, i.e. Accountant and click Apply.

The Assessment is added to the Job.

Proceed with adding the remaining Opportunity details and once you reach the final step click Save & Publish.

Post the Job to external / internal Boards, click Save.

Career Portal / Application

Access the Posting Link.

Click Apply Now. You will be asked to Register or Sign in. Once doing so, you will be redirected to the Application form.

Complete the relevant fields and Submit your details.

Then you will be asked to complete the Assessment.

Note: An email will be sent to the candidate via UKG with the link to the Assessment(s):

Click Start Assessment.

Automatically, the candidate is redirected to the Bryq Onboarding Screens.

Candidate completes the assessment.

The candidate is redirected to the Candidate Report with an informative description of their personality makeup, occupational preference, and cognitive tips.

Note: In case redirect_url is given the link will be available in the Candidate Report to redirect the candidate accordingly.

Going back to the UKGCareer portal under Applications, the candidate can view the Application status.

Click Review Assessment(s) for an application. If the assessment is completed the tag is set to Complete. If not, the tag is set to Incomplete.


Access Recruiting and go to All Opportunities.

Select the Accountant position. Click on the Applicant link on the top left.

Click on the Applicant.

Click on the Assessments tab.

You will be able to expand to view the Assessment results or alternatively click on the View Report link.

The View Report link redirects to an external link provided by Bryq to the anonymized results of the candidate.

๐Ÿ’ก In the Applicant view you may also want to use the Assessment Status and/or the Assessment Score to easier filter and find your ideal candidates:

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