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When you aim to maximize the utilization of existing resources, including individuals and teams, you require a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Our Insights Hub offers a range of customized reports to help you delve into the specifics of an individual or team.

💡This section is automatically activated for all our customers, providing an opportunity for those who haven't opted in for our Talent Management module to explore the valuable insights we offer. It allows them to experiment with our detailed reports and reach out to our support team to unlock the Talent Management module for additional insights.

The reports can be accessed via the Insights Hub menu.

The system indicates which report is meant for individuals or groups and offers a short description of the scope.

Upon clicking on one of the reports a pop-up window comes up that contains information about the business goal, audience, pricing etc.

If you are interested in ordering the report you can continue by clicking on the relevant button, which will re-direct you to our support messenger through which you can order a specific report or ask for further information.

You will be able to monitor your order's status via our ticketing system and support team.

Our Insights reports

On-demand Reports



Intended for

Strategic Hire


Deep dive into strategic hires i.e. shortlisted candidates or executives, considering their suitability based on your unique needs, their ability to collaborate within a team, and alignment with the company culture.

➡️ Hiring managers

➡️HR professionals
➡️Future Managers
➡️C-level executives

Growth Insights


Access in-depth insights into an employee's growth potential by identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. Receive personalized development pathways and actionable recommendations for enhancement.

➡️ HR professionals ➡️ Managers

➡️ Trainers / Coaches
➡️ Employees

Leader Insights


Assess the effectiveness and potential of current and future leaders who are being considered for advancement or specific roles, all while ensuring robust succession planning.

➡️ HR professionals

➡️ Managers

➡️ Successors
➡️ C-level executives

Team Insights


Gain critical insights into your team's composition, leveraging analysis of each member's strengths and weaknesses. This tailored report provides actionable recommendations, enabling you to improve team cohesion and effectiveness. Position your teams for success by understanding and harnessing their unique capabilities and aligning them with organizational goals.

➡️ Managers, Team Leaders

Growth Snapshot


Carefully examine and obtain actionable insights to foster learning and mentorship within a group of individuals.

➡️ Managers & HR professionals

➡️ Trainers / Coaches

Culture Insights


Cultivate a thriving workplace culture with our Culture Report. This comprehensive tool identifies the strengths and areas for improvement within your organizational culture, providing actionable recommendations for alignment. Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by understanding and addressing the cultural dynamics that define your organization.

➡️ HR professionals
➡️ Managers and team leaders
➡️ All employees
➡️ Marketing & Communication strategists

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