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Match candidates to multiple jobs with Bryq
Match candidates to multiple jobs with Bryq

Applying Candidates to Multiple Jobs with Bryq

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In recruitment, we often encounter candidates who may not be the right match for the job they applied to but might be for another job. Or, a candidate is referred with a profile that may be the right match but uncertain for which job.

Bryq makes it easy to match a candidate against different jobs via the Talent Matching feature. Learn more here.

Bryq also provides insights into how your candidate pool performs across various jobs through the Candidate Pool feature, conveniently accessible under the Talent Acquisition > Candidates tab.

πŸ“Œ By default the filter looks at candidates who have completed the assessment in the last 30 days and candidates are sorted by Assessment Date in descending order.

You may wish to refine the list of candidates by using the available filters & search feature available above the table:

πŸ“Œ Search is hidden if the anonymized toggle is turned on.

Moreover, there is a table settings icons where you can set your display preferences as follows:

By default, the Assessment Date and Job columns are enabled alongside the Fit Score. If needed, you can switch to the Bryq score and/or disable the columns. Your preferences will be saved for future visits to this page.

You can compare up to four jobs by simply selecting from the dropdown menu available in each column.

Fit scores or Bryq scores (%) for the selected jobs will appear for all candidates listed and you can easily sort the list for the job that you are interested in.

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