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Talent Matching - Focus Candidates

AI-driven decisions that connect talents to value

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What is Talent Matching

Talent Matching is everything about finding the right talent for the right job by highlighting strengths, flagging improvement areas, and matching talents to current and/or future opportunities.

Internal and external Talent Matching are two sides of the same coin.

External Talent Matching allows finding candidates that have applied to a job and can nevertheless be proven to be a better job-fit match for another job opening. In other words, that candidate might have higher chances to better match the skills and competencies you’re looking for to fill another job than the one applied.

On the other hand, internal talent matching looks at your own employees and identifies their match to new opportunities within your organization, based on their potential, skills, and work competencies. Hiring from within the organization allows you to recover a portion of the costs related to external recruiting, boost your employee's morale, provide them with growth opportunities within the organization and have better chances for ensuring cultural compatibility.

Bryq External Talent Matching

Matching high-potential talent to the right job can significantly minimize the sourcing efforts and vastly improve the quality of new hires, but how does it work?

Think of the way AI recommendation systems work. The algorithm is able to analyze the main features, characteristics, and requirements that are tailored to your distinctive preferences or needs to provide you with informed suggestions. For example, Spotify’s algorithm analyzes the content, language, and genres that we enjoy listening to, to predict our future music preferences and to suggest songs, as found in a huge pool of music, that are likely to match our needs. Similarly, Bryq External Talent Matching can provide you with the optimal job-fit match for each and every individual who has applied to any of your job openings while taking into account your unique requirements and organizational goals. That way you can leverage more talents, improve the quality of your new hires and allow them to flourish while increasing organizational performance.

Let’s put this into practice and delve into the External Talent Matching inside Bryq.

Once you select, a candidate to view the results for an open assessment, scroll down until you reach the tab Talent Matching.‌

In the Talent Matching view, you will be able to get up to six AI-powered profile recommendations whereby that candidate's match score is above good. The top 3 options are highlighted. Our recommendation engine takes into account departmental relevance and the candidate's match score.

📌The list of recommendations is automatically adjusted every time that you select to compare candidate results to another assessment.

📌 Bear in mind that match scores among different assessments (express, standard, extended, cognitive only, personality only) should not be compatible because each one is intended for different use. Thus, the recommendations refer to the same assessment kind & language as per the selected profile.

Is External Talent Matching beneficial?

Imagine the numerous cases where your Recruiting Teams had to manually align talents with open opportunities. This is not only a time-consuming process, but it is also unrealistic to expect that teams can assess a huge sample of candidates for all the open positions currently available. Even if this was possible, it could lead to inaccurate choices that can compromise the quality of the hiring process due to individuals' preconceived notions or stereotypes. Bryq now offers an AI-powered tool to make talent matching more efficient and at the same time remove bias by leveraging each talent's potential and capabilities and not their gender, ethnicity, or background.

If you have any questions about using our Talent Matching feature, please reach out to

Happy Hiring!

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