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Once your employees are imported in Bryq you have the option to create your own segments i.e. groups of employees as per your internal segmentation needs.

For example, you might want to segment by Role, Department, Tenure etc. or a combination of the above and many more fields. This is feasible via the Create Segment functionality.

Any segment created by you will be marked with type Private in the system and will be available to sort or filter by type from the main list of segments.

Alternatively, system has pre-built segments allowing a more targeted and holistic benchmarking approach. Take Global Population bult-in segment for example which is a representative random sample of users who have taken the Bryq assessment and can be used to compare your segment to.

Create Segment

You can create a segment either via the Simple segment creation via filter selection that offers a preview option. The filter criteria are linked with AND relation. In order to save the segment you need to give a name.

Or you can create one via the Advanced segment creation via filter selection that offers preview option too. Here you can use more complex filter queries that can be linked either with the AND and/or OR operator.

Compare Segments

Finally, there is also the option to compare segments and have an overview of the averages per group across cognitive skills, personality traits and indicators. You can select to compare up to 5 segments.

๐Ÿ’กWe recommend to first segment your teams as you wish and then if you would like to use Role Optimization feature to create 2 more segments one with high performers & another one with mid/low performers so as to have more than 5 people in each one of these 2 segments. This will save you time when you start optimizing your role profiles.

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