Enabling Indicators for your Job

Instructions on how to implement each indicator to your jobs

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To make our assessments even more personalized to your hiring needs, Bryq has created Indicators. Depending on your pricing plan, you can add some or all of these Indicators to your assessments to gauge how well a candidate will fit in these respective areas. The available Indicators include:

To add these Indicators to your assessment:

  1. Go to New Job

  2. While on the Create Job page, click on the Edit Indicators button right below the personality section.

  3. Select the indicators you would like to add to the assessment:

  4. Click on the chips to select a suitable indicator for the job and click Save.

  5. The selected indicators will appear in the relevant section in the Create Job page.

๐Ÿ’ก In case you have already set default indicators under settings then you can reset them directly from the Edit Indicators pop-up via the Reset to Company's Defaults button.

Please note that Bryq's standard competencies are included in all plans. Nevertheless, this does not apply to Custom Competencies & Culture indicator.

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